How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting

From calling the meeting to an orderly conclusion when the time runs out, putting together the perfect board meeting requires a level of commitment that can make a huge difference. If attendees feel that their time and knowledge is appreciated and valued, the more likely they will be involved in the outcomes of every meeting. Here are a few simple suggestions on how you can get there.

Start the meeting on Time

Don’t overbook your board meetings, particularly when they’re held in person – you don’t want attendees to be distracted or feel as if they’re wasting their time. It’s also beneficial to let your attendees go over the board pack and other materials prior to the meeting, whether it’s a complete board deck, or an easier to digest Memo/Notion documents.

Stick to the Agenda

A well-organized structure is the best way to ensure that the board meeting will be productive. This means not adding new items to the agenda prior to the meeting, and requiring attendees to read the materials prior to the meeting and establishing expectations for each agenda item based on the length of time it is to be discussed. This will ensure that the board meeting stays focused and avoid any tangents.

Check that each agenda item has a purpose that is clearly stated – do you want to get information, reach agreement or arrive at an agreement? This will allow you to keep the meeting productive as you can focus on the most important issues and not get distracted. Also, the distribution of minutes of the board within 24 hours of every meeting will reinforce the decisions made and ensure that actions are implemented quickly and efficiently.

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