Antivirus Problems You Should Be Aware Of

If a new virus or Trojan reaches the Internet, the likelihood that it will infect dozens, hundred or even thousands of computers is extremely high. This is particularly true for network worms. It is therefore important that antivirus software providers are able to release updates swiftly and effectively to prevent these computer pests becoming widespread.

Unfortunately, AV programs suffer from numerous issues that compromise their effectiveness. It is important to be aware of the risks if you use any of these softwares to ensure that you are protecting yourself.

The first issue is that a majority of anti-virus programs can’t detect all Trojans and viruses. This is because hackers are constantly inventing new malware. Therefore, far from all anti-virus software sold off the shelf or on the Web can provide a protection level anywhere near 100%.

Another issue is that common software issues can cause symptoms that look like virus-related issues. It is therefore essential to always search for more common causes of issues before you suspect that your system may be affected by a virus. For instance, certain kinds of malware can trigger pop-up windows to appear on the screen which displays pornographic pictures or news articles. Another symptom is that the screen constantly displays ads for sites that you don’t visit.

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